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Director: Solondz, Todd

Year: 2004

Country: USA 
PALIOMadmanFeatured in the Bond film QUANTUM OF SOLACE, the Palio is the oldest horse race in the world, and turns the Italian city of Siena into a high-stakes battleground of strategy, intrigue, and simmering machismo. In the eye of the storm stand the jockeys - adored if they succeed, despised if they fail. PALIO follows the legendary maestro Gigi Bruschelli, winner of 13 races and master of the intrigues that surround the Palio, and his former protege Giovanni Atzeni, a handsome young contender driven by a fearless passion to become number one. This hear-racing new documentary exposes the notoriously closed world of this ancient race and the larger-than-life personalities of those involved in an epic and cinematic tale of Italian life in microcosm. PG 88  DVD 
PANIC ROOMSony/ Columbia/ TriStarThriller MA 112 35mm 16mm VHS DVD 
PANTANI: THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF A CYCLISTMadmanIn 1998 Marco Pantani, the most flamboyant and popular cyclist of his era, won both the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia. This titanic feat of physical and mental endurance has never since been matched. Pantani was a hero to millions and was seen as the savior of cycling during a time when doping scandals threatened to destroy the sport. But six years after this extraordinary feat and aged only 34, tragically, Pantani was dead. Discovered in a cheap Italian hotel, he died alone apparently from acute cocaine poisoning. PANTANI: THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF A CYCLIST explores the true story behind this remarkable man's achievements and his tragic fall. 92  DVD 
PARANOID PARK (2007, U.S.)MadmanAlex is a 16 year-old skater, spending his afternoons with his pal Jared at the inner city skate-park known as Paranoid Park. One evening, when one of the older boys takes Alex under his wing, a tragic accident occurs leaving a security guard dead. Interviewed by the police and misunderstood by his cheerleader girlfriend Jennifer, Alex decides to say nothing, taking on a crushing burden of guilt with huge ramifications. Innovatively cast over, and adapted from Blake Nelson's novel of the same name, Paranoid Park is a searingly truthful study of what it is to be a teenage male in the 21st century. Boasting beautiful cinematography by Australia's own Christopher Doyle and shot in director Gus Van Sant's hometown of Portland, Paranoid Park is a suspenseful, lyrical and stylish tribute to the teenage years.
85  DVD 
PARIS 36Sony/ Columbia/ TriStar1936. France is in political turmoil - and so is the life of a theatre stage manager named Pigoil. His unfaithful wife has taken his much-loved son - and his theatre, the Chansonia, has just been bought and shut down by its new owner, a fascist and ruthless businessman. With nothing left to lose, Pigoil leads the theatre company to occupy and re-open the theatre, along the way discovering a beautiful young singer who for one brief, shining moment restores the magic and spectacle of days gone by.  120 35mm DVD 
PARIS VU PAR (1965, FRANCE)MadmanSix stories of Paris from six different directors. French new wave directors Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, Eric Rohmer and Jean Rouche team up to tell stories of 1965 Paris. Taking us on a flying tour of Parisian neighbourhoods, from Saint Germain des Prs to Place de l'toile and back again, each short film showcases the directors' different styles, approaches and their senses of humour, as well as being a wonderful document of 1960s Paris. PG 95  DVD 
PARIS, JE T'AIME (2007)MadmanThrough the neighbourhoods of Paris, love is veiled, revealed, imitated, sucked dry, reinvented and awakened. A stunning line-up of internationally renowned directors and actors rediscover the city of Paris in a collective work about love. MA 128  DVD 
PARIS, TEXAS (1984)MadmanThe Wim Wenders classic with a screenplay by Sam Shepherd, starring Dean Stockwell, Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski. Gorgeous cinematopgraphy by Robbie Muller (who also filmed The American Friend) 147  DVD 
PARSON AND THE OUTLAW, THE (1957)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarWestern in which Billy the Kid tries to go straight. Technicolor.  71  16mm DVD 

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