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OLD DARK HOUSE, THE (1963)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarFrom the master of the macabre, William Castle, comes a tale filled with suspense and comedy. Tom Penderel (Tom Poston, TV's "Newhart"), an American car salesman living in London, is invited to spend the weekend at the Femm Estate. The Femms, trapped in the house due to an ancestor's will, live in fear as they are taken out one at a time. Tom is left to figure out who the killer is before he becomes a victim himself! Also featuring Academy Award® nominee Robert Morley (1938, Best Supporting Actor, Marie Antoinette), The Old Dark House has as many laughs as thrills. PG 86  16mm DVD 
OLD GRINGO (1989, U.S.A.)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarAcademy Award®-winner Jane Fonda is Harriet, a frustrated spinster who flees her unrewarding life in America hoping to discover the passion in her soul. Academy Award®-winner Gregory Peck is Ambrose Bierce, the OLD GRINGO, a retired journalist and adventurer who wanders through the hostile desert seeking some meaning to the last years of his life. Jimmy Smits is Arroyo, the fiery young general, driven by both the Revolution and his desire for Harriet. Set in the spectacle of the Mexican Revolution, their lives become inexplicably drawn together as they face love, death and war in the adventure of a lifetime.

Luis Puenzo, Aida Bortnik
Luis Puenzo
Lois Bonfiglio
Jane Fonda, Jim Metzler, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Smits 
115  16mm DVD 
OLIVER! (1968)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarFrom humble beginnings in the workhouse, young Oliver Twist (Mark Lester) finds that his journey to find a home and a family is not always an easy one. Along the way he is taken in by a group of pick-pockets led by loveable rogue Fagin (Ron Moody) and the villainous Bill Sikes (Oliver Reed). With the help of the Artful Dodger (Jack Wild) and the beautiful Nancy (Shani Wallis) Oliver soon finds his way again. Winner of six Academy Awards including Best Picture, OLIVER is a high-spirited adventure that is accompanies by classic songs that have made this one of the most loved musicals of all time. 147  16mm DVD 
OMARMadmanWinner of the Jury Prize (Un Certain Regard) at the Cannes Film Festival, OMAR is a powerful and tense thriller from the director of PARADISE NOW. Omar is a Palestinian baker who secretly climbs over the separation wall to meet his love, Nadia. On the other side of the wall, the sensitive young man becomes a freedom fighter who must face painful choices about life and manhood. Together with his childhood friends Tarek and Amjad, Omar risks his life every day and when he is captured after a deadly act of resistance, he falls into a cat and mouse game with the Israeli military police. Suspicion and betrayal jeopardise his longtime trust with his friends, further complicated by the fact that his love, Nadia, is Tarek's sister. Omar is torn apart inside as he wages his own personal war between feelings of love for Nadia and his homeland. Is he betraying his cause? And who can he trust on either side? 94  DVD 
ON THE JOBMadman(Phillipines) Federal agent Francis (Pilo Pascual) is called to oversee a mysterious assassination case by Manrique, his controlling father-in-law and Congressman, on the orders of General Pacheco (Leo Martinez) but who is really pulling the strings? Not trusting his superiors to find the right leads, Police Sergeant Acosta continues to stay involved with the case and starts to show Francis just how immoral his orders are. Now caught in a web of deceit and corruptions, Acosta and Francis are on a collision course with the government officials who will do anything to silence them - and no one is safe. MA 115  DVD 
ON THE NOSE (2001)Madman

PLEASE NOTE: this film may be culturally insensitive/inappropriate for some viewers. Do you have a tried and tested way of predicting the winners at the races?

Leading Role 1 Robbie Coltrane
Director 1 David Caffrey
Leading Role 2 Dan Aykroyd
Leading Role 3 Brenda Blethyn
Additional Roles by Zara Turner, Eanna MacLiam, Tony Briggs
104  DVD 
ON THE WATERFRONT (1954)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarMarlon Brando gives one of the screen's most electrifying performances as Best Actor in this 1954 Academy Award® winner for Best Film. Ex-fighter Terry Malloy (Brando) could have been a contender but now toils for boss Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb) on the gang-ridden waterfront. Terry is guilt-stricken, however, when he lures a rebellious worker to his death. But it takes the love of Edie Doyle (Eva Marie Saint), the dead man's sister, to show Terry how low he has fallen. When his crooked brother Charley the Gent (Rod Steiger) is brutally murdered for refusing to kill him, Terry battles to crush Friendly's underworld empire. Directed by Elia Kazan (A Streetcar Named Desire) and written by Budd Schulberg (What Makes Sammy Run?), this unforgettable drama about Terry's redemption is among the most acclaimed of all films. PG 108  16mm DVD 
ONCE IN A LIFETIME (2006, U.S.A./U.K.)MadmanThe Cosmos began as a rag-tag team, started on a whim by one of the most powerful men in entertainment. Steve Ross, the founder of Warner Communications, had never even seen a soccer game before he helped finance a team. Within five years, Ross had convinced the greatest player in the history of the sport to to leave his beloved Brazil for the nascent Cosmos (and become a soccer missionary in the USA). Under Ross and Warner Communications, Pele became the richest professional athlete on the planet, and the Cosmos became the most celebrated club of superstars ever assembled. In the summer of 1977, with a serial killer on the loose and Manhattan descending into lawlessness and chaos, the Cosmos became the toast of Studio 54 and the darlings of millions of Americans; winning championships, touring the globe and igniting a soccer revolutionin the land of basketball, baseball and the almighty gridiron. 97  DVD 
ONCE MORE WITH FEELING (1960, U.K.) Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarFrom legendary director Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain) comes this musical comedy starring Academy Award® winner Yul Brynner (1956, Best Actor, The King and I) and Kay Kendall (Genevieve). Brynner plays Victor Fabian, a temperamental and eccentric classical music genius, who needs his wife, Dolly (Kendall), to rein in his idiosyncratic tendencies. But when Dolly finds Victor giving a "special audition" to a comely young pianist, she leaves him, causing Victor to lose his ability to conduct an orchestra. Victor realizes the only way he can succeed is to win Dolly back, but Dolly is engaged to another man. With Victor about to perform the biggest concert of his life, can he convince Dolly to come back? Newly remastered.

Harry Kurnitz
Harry Kurnitz
Paul B. Radin
Stanley Donen
Stanley Donen
Martin Benson, Yul Brynner, Shirley Ann Field, Mervyn Johns, Kay Kendall, Gregory Ratoff, Geoffrey Toone, Maxwell Shaw, Harr 
 92  16mm DVD 
ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIAMadmanIn the dead of night, a group of men - including a police commissioner, a prosecutor, a doctor, and a murder suspect - drive through the mysterious Anatolian countryside, the serpentine roads and rolling hills lit only by the headlights of their cars. They are searching for a corpse, the victim of a brutal murder. The suspect, who claims he was drunk, can't remember where he buried the body. As the night draws on, details about the murder emerge and the investigator's own secrets and hypocrisies come to light. Nothing is what it seems, and when the body is found, the real questions emerge. 151  DVD 

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