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DEAD OR ALIVE (1968, SPAGHETTI WESTERN)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarAlso known as A Minute to Pray, A Minute to Die.    16mm  
DESPERADOS (1969) - THE *DUPE*Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarA family of Confederate guerrillas continue to plunder, loot, and kill long after the Civil War has ended. One of the sons breaks with the family in revolt against its viciousness and goes to Texas to make a new life. Six years later, his family arrives to plunder his town.  91  16mm DVD 
DESTROYER (1943)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarWilliam A. Seiter (If You Could Only Cook) brings top-talent Columbia stars Glenn Ford (The Big Heat, Human Desire) and Edward G. Robinson (The Whole Town's Talking, Double Indemnity) into conflict as competing crewmen on a World War II Naval vessel. Robinson is Steve Boleslavski, the re-enlisted veteran sailor whose seniority displaces the younger Mickey Donohue (Ford) as Chief Boatswain's Mate. The hard-driving, perfectionist old sailor wins few friends among the younger crew, but he has the support of his Commander (Regis Toomey). Steve and Mickey have additional reasons to be suspicious of each other when Mickey falls for Steve's daughter (Marguerite Chapman, Counter-Attack, The Seven Year Itch).  99  16mm DVD 
DIE! DIE! MY DARLING (AKA FANATIC) 1965Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarDirected by Silvio Narizzano (Georgy Girl, Loot) and produced by Hammer Films, the infamous British studio known for Gothic horror classics, DIE! DIE! MY DARLING! stars the legendary Tallulah Bankhead (Lifeboat, TV's "Batman") in her final film performance. She plays the psychotic Mrs. Trefoile, a demented mother who terrorizes and imprisons her dead son's fiancée Pat (Stefanie Powers, TV's "Hartto Hart", Stagecoach) to avenge her son's tragic death, with the help of her bumbling gardener (Donald Sutherland, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Klute, Don't Look Now). A domineering religious fanatic, Mrs. Trefoile grows obsessed with her late son's spirit, who died several years earlier in an auto wreck. When her son's former lover pays an unexpected visit, Mrs. Trefoile kidnaps the beautiful young woman, holding her hostage in the basement to "cleanse" her soul, so she can be reunited with her son in heaven. Trapped and tortured, Pat must fight for her life to escape. DIE! DIE! MY DARLING!  97  16mm DVD 
DIRTY LITTLE BILLY (1972)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarShortly after Michael J. Pollard exploded onto the scene in his Academy Award®-nominated role in Bonnie and Clyde, the actor took on another folk hero and renegade, Billy the Kid, in his own inimitable style. Recounting Billy's formative years, this depiction of "The Kid" is stripped of the glamour and romance of legend. A stunning performance in a film that deserves to be rediscovered, directed by Stan Dragoti with support from Gary Busey, Richard Evans, and Lee Purcell. DIRECTOR
Stan Dragoti
Jack L. Warner
Gary Busey, Richard Evans, Michael J. Pollard, Lee Purcell, Dick Van Patten, Charles Aidman, Ronny Graham, Mills Watson, Alex Wilson, Willard Sage, Richard Stahl, Dran Hamilton, Josip Elic 
 93  16mm DVD 
DOCTOR FAUSTUS (1967)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarOf the many films they made together, nowhere is the seductive power of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor better showcased than in this brilliant adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's classic play, DOCTOR FAUSTUS. First dramatized in the 16th century, the legend of DOCTOR FAUSTUS is the immortal tale of a German conjurer who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for a life of adventure and excitement. It has proved to be one of the richest legends of our time, inspiring countless plays and motion pictures. In fact, Burton, Taylor and Peter Ustinov filmed a modern adaptation just a few years after DOCTOR FAUSTUS called Hammersmith is Out. In this classic version, Burton stars as the aging scholar who makes a deal with the devil for youth, knowledge and a dazzling mistress. But when Faustus begins to regret his decision, the devil's assistant, Mephistopheles, sends Taylor as the spellbinding seductress who seals Faustus' fate. This lasting achievement is distinguished by its visual bea  93  16mm DVD 
DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1940)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarA publicity stunt links a fiercely independent writer in matrimony with a chauvinistic medical school professor.

Loretta Young
June Cameron
Ray Milland
Dr. Timothy Sterling
Reginald Gardiner
John R. Pierce

Gail Patrick
Marilyn Thomas
Edmund Gwenn
Dr. Lionel Sterling

Alexander Hall
George Seaton, Ken Englund 
 89  16mm DVD 
DON'T KNOCK THE TWIST (1962)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarEarly 60s musical centred around the big dance craze at the time, and starring Chubby Checker, Mr. Twist, along with other musicians of that era.  86  16mm DVD 
DRIVE A CROOKED ROAD (1954)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarEddie Shannon is an undersized, sports-car mechanic who dreams of racing an expensive car in a European meet. He meets and falls in love with Barbara Mathews, and thinks she loves him. She introduces him to Steve Norris and Harold Baker, who ask him to drive the getaway car in a bank robbery they are planning. He refuses, but changes his mind after some gentle persuasion from Barbara. The job is pulled off and, following a wild getaway, Eddie learns that Barbara was just using him and that Steve and Harold have plans to kill him. Gritty retribution is just around the corner.

An upright car mechanic falls in love with the girlfriend of a gangster. This forces him to participate in the criminal underworld.

Story of shy mechanic who is paid by crooks to drive their getaway car and the tragic consequences. 
 83  16mm DVD 
DUEL ON THE MISSISSIPPI (Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarIn bustling era of 19th-century Louisiana, sugar is as valuable as gold, and pirates like Lili Scarlet (Patricia Medina, Mr. Arkadin) will do anything to get it. After robbing Jules Tulane's (John Dehner, The Boys from Brazil) estate of his crop, Scarlet takes over Tulane's land debt and forces him to pay or go to prison. In exchange for postponing his debt, Scarlet allows Tulane's son, André (Lex Barker, Robin Hood and the Pirates), to work as her servant. When André and Scarlet fall in love, it leads to jealous rage from Scarlet's former paramour, expert swordsman Hugo (Warren Stevens, Forbidden Planet) — and when Hugo looks to raid the Tulane estate again, it is up to André and Scarlet to take him down and save the estate.
William Castle
Les Barker, John Dehner, Patricia Medina, Craig Stevens 
 72  16mm DVD 

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