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BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN , THE (1932, U.S.A.&Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarFrank Capra's only all-out attempt to make what he called "an art film" was one of his few box-office flops, despite earning a place in history as the film that opened the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Dealing with the then-touchy subject of miscegenation, it stars Barbara Stanwyck (in the last of her four Columbia films with Capra) as a woman arriving in China to marry her missionary fiance. But it's a time of great upheaval, and she's kidnapped by a ruthless warlord (Nils Asther) who's very attracted to her. Stunningly photographed by Joseph Walker, this is a haunting, dream-like movie that is indeed unlike almost everything else Capra ever made. The cast also includes Toshia Mori, Gavin Gordon, Lucien Littlefield, and Walter Connolly, brilliantly cast against type as a renegade American gun-runner. PG 88  16mm  
BITTER VICTORY (1957, U.S.A.)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarA World War II drama starring Richard Burton (Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, Equus, 1977and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, 1966) and Curt Jurgens (The Spy Who Loved Me) as Captain Leith and Major Brand, a pair of British Army officers assigned to execute a daring commando raid on the Libyan stronghold of General Rommel. Before the mission even begins, the tension between the two is evident, a situation that is only exacerbated when Brand learns that Leith was once romantically involved with his wife, Jane (Ruth Roman, TV's Knott's Landing ). Once the operation is underway, Brand's cowardice forced Leith to step in and kill a German soldier. This act only adds to Brand's hatred for his second-in-command and as it grows, a series of disasters threaten the men and the successor their mission. Who will live, who will die, and what price honor?

Nicholas Ray, Gavin Lambert, Rene Hardy

Nicholas Ray (Rebel Without A Cause) 
 82  16mm DVD 
BITTERSWEET LIFE, A (2005, STH. KOREA)MadmanCool headed perfectionist Sun-woo has earned the trust of his boss by adeptly managing an upscale restaurant. When his boss suspects his young lover of an affair he orders Sun-woo to kill her if she has betrayed him. When Sun-woo catches her with her secret lover, he surprisingly lets them go. Soon his boss's gang declares an all out war. An ultra cool film noir from Kim Jee-woon, one of Korea's most talented directors.
MA 115  DVD 
BIUTIFUL (2010, SPAIN)MadmanAcademy Award nominee Javier Bardem is Uxbal, a man on the wrong side of the law who struggles to provide for his children on the dangerous streets of Barcelona. As fate encircles him, Uxbal learns to accept the realities of life, whether bright, bador biutifulin this unforgettable Academy Award-nominated film from director Alejandro Gonzalez Iaarritu (Amores Perros, 21 Grams and Babel). MA 148  DVD 
BKO: BANGKOK KNOCKOUT (2010, THAILAND)MadmanRittkrai is a legend in Thai action cinema. The director of Born to Fight and fight coordinator for such classics as Ong Bak and Chocolate, he was the star of many action films in the 70s and 80s, and is a famous mentor to some of the top action superstars working today, including Tony Jaa (Ong Bak), Dan Chupong (Born to Fight) and Jija Yanin (Chocolate). BKO features a range of martial art disciplines. A group of 'fight club' pals whose styles vary from Muay Thai and Capoeira to Kung Fu and Tai Chi must fight for their lives when one of their friends is kidnapped.

 106  DVD 
BLACK & WHITE & SEX (2012, AUSTRALIA&#Titan ViewCandid and seductive, Angie is determined to set the record straight about sex. As she reveals herself, layer-by-layer, she also exposes the man who is interviewing her ... Sometimes provocative and confronting, sometimes tender, poignant and sexy, Black & White & Sex takes you behind the scenes and into Angie's very special world. There's a question here for every man - and an answer for every woman. Anyone who pays is welcome - but leave your expectations at the door ... sex is never black and white. MA 91  DVD 
BLACK BELT (2007, JAPAN)MadmanIn 2005, ONG BAK set the martial arts world on fire again, bringing REAL martial arts back to movies. Now Japan has answered with its own BLACK BELT bringing the real force of karate to the screen. No wires, No CG and acted by Japan's leading black belt karate experts, BLACK BELT is a real martial arts tour de force.

The year is 1932 and the Japanese military is dismantling each Karate dojo across the country for their own uses. Amidst this reform, the master of one dojo dies before passing on the "Kuro-obi" black belt to a successor. The three men of the dojo Taikan, Giryu and Choei must face the might of the Japanese army, but find that this leads them on very different paths of martial arts. These paths of Karate pit one man against the other and ultimately thrust them into a terrible encounter with fate...


95  DVD 
BLACK BIRD, THE (1975, U.S.A.)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarComedy detective spoof starring George Segal. PG 110  16mm  
BLACK BOOK (2006, Netherlands/Germ/UK/Belgium&Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarIn the darkest days of World War II, Jewish fugitives attempt to escape occupied Holland -- only to face a Nazi ambush. Rachel Stein (Carice van Houten) alone survives the attack and joins the Dutch Resistance to avenge her family. She soon confronts the ultimate test: she must infiltrate German headquarters by tempting Captain Ludwig Mÿntze (Sebastian Hoch). In the heat of passion, he uncovers her duplicity...but keeps her secret. Then Rachel's espionage reveals that a murderous traitor lurks within Resistance ranks. Unable to fully trust anyone, Rachel navigates a minefield of deception and becomes an enemy to both sides. Epic, passionate, breathtaking, Black Book relates an untold story of World War II where the distinctions between good and evil become blurred by the complexities of human nature.

MA 125 35mm DVD 
BLACK BUTLER (2014, JAPAN)MadmanThe year is 2020. A young woman named Shiori Genpo, a descendent of the Phantomhive noble family, runs the prosperous Funtom Company. Since only males are allowed to lead the family, Shiori disguises herself as a man name Kiyoharu, and works to solve difficult cases tasked by the Queen. Sebastian, a demon, watches over and protects her as her butler in exchange for consuming her soul after she fulfils her revenger.  120  DVD 

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