Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I book a movie with you?

After choosing the movie/s you want from our catalogue, please click on the “Book Movie” link on the left of the screen, select your state and enter the information requested. Please note that submitting a booking does not guarantee the movie you’ve selected will be available for the dates and/or in the format you’ve requested. We will contact you to finalise your booking.

  1. I am a teacher at a school and would like to play a movie for end of term. Can I use our own VHS/DVD from the school library?

Yes, however you will need to obtain copyright permission and pay a fee. We can also send a movie to your school and offer great end of term deals for school break-ups, schoolies week, etc.

  1. I work for a company, and every month the staff and all their families get together in the function room on week-ends and play DVDs on the data projector. We hire the DVDs from the local video store. Is that legal?

No. VHS/DVDs hired from local video stores are licensed for private home use only, and that is clearly stated at the start of all VHS/DVDs from video stores. Performance in non-theatrical locations is a breach of copyright laws, and huge fines may apply. It is therefore essential that copyright permission be obtained and paid for in full to Amalgamated Movies Non-Theatrical Film Distributors prior to the performance. For any questions regarding the laws, contact Amalgamated Movies.

  1. I want to screen some new DVDs I bought for my home library to my sporting club members at the club house. I purchased these DVDs from the local retail outlet. Is that legal?

No. You may own a copy of a movie, however you do not own the copyright! You will need to obtain permission from Amalgamated Movies. Should we not hold the rights, we will direct you to the rightful owner.

  1. How do I find out more information on public screenings and the laws involved?

Contact us and we will do everything possible to help you stay on the correct path.

  1. How do I download the catalogue?

You can download the catalogue in either PDF or CSV format. Go to the Catalogue page and click on the respective link in the first line to start the download. Save the file to your hard drive. For CSV format, start your spreadsheet program and open the catalogue file that you’ve just downloaded. Your spreadsheet program should prompt you to import the CSV file. The file uses commas (,) as the field separator and quotes (“) as the text delimiter. Make sure the file extension is “.csv”. Macintosh computers may add “.exe” on the end – remove this if it does.