The Australian Screen Association’s aim is to support, protect and promote the safe and legal consumption of movie and TV content across all platforms. Previously known as the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), it was established in 2004 to protect the film and television community, retailers and movie fans from the adverse impact of copyright theft in Australia. The Australian Screen Association works closely with the film and television industry, government and law enforcement authorities to achieve its aims.

Movie and television theft has proved to be one of the greatest threats to the film and television industry in the last decade. A study by IPSOS and Oxford Economics released in February 2011 found that A$1.37 billion in Gross Output (Sales) was lost to movie theft across the entire Australian economy in a 12 month period. The losses impact on jobs within the production, distribution, exhibition, broadcast and retail sectors of the film and television industry, and across a wide range of small businesses across the Australian economy. Measures which successfully promote the patronage of legitimate forms of screen entertainment over the illegal accessing of movies and television programs are therefore positive for jobs and businesses within the film and television industry, and stimulate innovation and growth across our creative sectors.

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