Chick Fight (2020, U.S.A.)

Studio: Madman Entertainment

Rating: MA

Running time:  85 minutes

Available Format: DVD

Chick Fight follows Anna as she navigates a particularly challenging juncture in her life. She still hasn’t reconciled with the recent death of her adored mother. She’s just discovered that her loving and supportive father is gay. While she totally supports this, the deception cuts deep. And she accidentally burns down her uninsured coffee shop when she discovers a casually thrown joint and a spilled bottle of moonshine don’t mix. Knowing Anna needs help, her best friend Charleen takes Anna to an all women underground fight club. It’s here that Anna encounters an eclectic group of characters. These include the intimidatingly perfect and most efficient fighter of the club, Olivia (Bella Thorne), who quickly becomes a rival in and out of the ring.

With the help of an eccentric and reclusive trainer Jack Murphy (Alec Baldwin), Anna slowly rediscovers herself. She finds inner strength and true purpose in the most primal of ways.