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Chronesthesia (aka Love and Time Travel, 2016, N.Z.)

Studio: Madman Entertainment
Rating: M
Running time: 89 minutes
Available Format: DVD

Dan Duncombe leads an emotionally isolated life, which is how he likes it. When he’s not working at a cafe or going on his daily run, he’s perfectly happy to stay at home, disconnected from the people around him.

But then he starts finding strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window: “Turn Right,” “Alleyway,” “Relax See” … every day, a new message, each more confusing than the last.

Not only that, he’s having confusing, discombobulated dreams about people he’s never met. One day on his run he turns right, goes down an alleyway and sees a young girl being bullied. He doesn’t want to get involved, but she seems strangely familiar…