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La Passion D’Augustine (2015, Canada)

Studio: Limelight Distribution

Rating: M

Running time: 103 minutes

Available Format: DVD

In a small convent school in rural Quebec, Mother Augustine, runs a convent for girls in the 1960s. The convent provides a musical education to young women from all backgrounds. She has turned the little convent into a musical treasure where the students have won every prestigious music competition in the region.

Her talented but rebellious niece joins the convent when there are changes coming with Vatican II and Quebec’s Quiet Revolution.  With the school’s future at peril, her world is suddenly turned upside down.

She and her fellow nuns now confront the modern world, and Mother Augustine must search her soul for a new calling.   Can she accept her past in order to move forward?
Or will she perish with tradition?

Film Review – ★★★★½