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Lost City of Melbourne, The (2022, Australia)

Studio: Madman Entertainment
Rating: E
Running time: 87 minutes
Available Format: DVD

In the 1850s, Melbourne was the fastest growing city in the world. “They dreamt big, they built big – it was a city, jumping out of its skin”. It became an epicentre of film culture and its hotels, restaurants and cafes became world renowned. However, the attempted ‘modernisation’ of Melbourne in the 1950s destroyed much of the city. Our buildings were deemed too Victorian, the opposite of a modern metropolis, and Whelan The Wrecker’s demolition blitz began. Featuring rare archival film & photography, the film is a revelatory work that allows its audience to reimagine the former glory of the lost city of Melbourne.

Winner of Best Australian Documents, Australian Film Critics Association, 2022.