Silmido (2003, Sth. Korea)

Studio: Madman Entertainment

Rating: MA

Running time: 135 minutes

Available Format: DVD

When North Korean soldiers attempt to assassinate the president of South Korea.  The latter government responds by dispatching its own team of trained killers.

In 1968 the South Korean president narrowly averts an assassination attempt.  So the South Korean government plans to retaliate.  They gather a team of expendable civilians and train them to become assassins. Their target is the North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung. They suffer years of mental and physical torture as part of their training.  But just as the soldiers prepare to carry out their daring mission, the leaders of the two feuding nations have a chance to reconcile.   So now the South Korean government denies any knowledge of the mission.  As a result, the trained assassins are abandoned and left behind enemy lines.