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Song Without End , A (1960, U.S.A.)

Studio: Sony/ Columbia/ TriStar

Rating: PG

Running time: 125 minutes

Available Format: 16mm, DVD

This bio-pic of the brilliant composer and piano virtuoso Franz Liszt (Dirk Bogarde) depicts the conflicts in his young life.

Liszt has begun to tire of the oppressive demands of his current mistress, Countess Marie (Genevieve Page).  She had given up her own life and young children to live with him despite a great scandal.  Liszt prefers the adoration of the crowds and the concert stage.  That’s where he captures the attention of another adoring woman, the beautiful Russian princess, Carolyne (Capucine).  Carolyne encourages Liszt to go into a sort of exile, so he can focus on his composition, while she awaits her divorce. But he’s torn between his carnal passions, his religious devotion, and also the demands of his artistry.

The last film directed by Charles Vidor.  George Cukor replaced him when he died during production.

A Song Without End is a gorgeous spectacle with famed cinematographer James Wong Howe behind the camera.