Sunshine Cleaning (2008, U.S.A.)

Studio: Madman Entertainment

Rating: M

Running time: 91 minutes

Available Format: DVD

Rose (Amy Adams) wonders where it all went wrong. She used to be the envy of girls as the cheerleader who dated the star quarterback, Mac (Steve Zahn, Sahara).  However Mac married someone else, and now Rose is a single-mother working as a maid. But she’s still seeing Mac.  Her sister Norah (Emily Blunt, The Devil Wears Prada) is a 21 year-old slacker who avoids pretty much everything. And then there’s dad Joe (Alan Arkin), a dreamer who is always chancing it all on his next get-rich-quick scheme.

Desperate to get her son into a better school, Rose persuades Norah to go into the crime scene clean-up business with her to make some quick cash. In no time, the girls are up to their elbows in murders, suicides and other specialised situations. As they climb the ranks in a very dirty job, the sisters find a new respect for one another and by building their own improbable business …