Unmade Beds (aka London Nights, 2008, U.K.)

Studio: Madman Entertainment

Rating: M

Running time: 92 minutes

Available Format: DVD

Unmade Beds is the seductive, funny and romantic story of two nomads searching for love and meaning in a new city. It’s set in the underground art-rock world of a sprawling East London squat.

Axl lands in London from Spain with no money, no place to stay and only one goal: to find his father. After meeting Hannah and Mike, Axl moves into the squat they share with countless others.  There he discovers a love for underground music, free-spirited living, heavy drinking and meeting new people.  However he can’t remember them the next morning. Vera is a beautiful French artist whose heart was broken when X-Ray Man ended their romance.  She tries to recapture their love through a series of Polaroids and a new affair.  But try as she might the cloud still lingers. Axl and Vera live in the same squat, share the same love for life and long for the same companionship. They’re perfect for each other, but they’ve never actually met. A spirited and romantic anti-love story.