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Whole Truth, The (1958, U.K./U.S.A.)

Studio: Sony/ Columbia/ TriStar

Running time: PG

Length: 84 minutes

Available Format: 16mm, DVD

Max Poulton is a movie producer who is having a steamy affair with his leading lady, Gina.  He considers coming clean to his faithful wife, Carol, but Carliss, a detective, tells Max that Gina has been murdered.   So he thinks that he’s off the hook.  To Max’s surprise however,  he sees that Gina is very much alive when she arrives at Carol’s party. Confused, he drives her home.  However, after he leaves her alone in the car briefly, he is shocked to find her stabbed to death when he returns.  When he discovers that Carliss is Gina’s husband and not a detective, Max suspects that he’s being framed for her murder.

A slick and stylish whodunit with many twists and turns, THE WHOLE TRUTH is a star-studded and compelling thriller.