Legend of Baron To'a, The (2019, New Zealand)

Studio: Madman Entertainment

Rating: MA

Running time: 105 minutes

Available Format: DVD

Fritz, a displaced Tongan man, returns home to to sell the family house.  However, his uncle cancels the sale when Fritz’s late father’s championship wrestling belt is stolen.  A local street thug reveals the belt is now in the possession of resident gang, The Pig Hunters. Fritz determines to get the belt back with higher reasoning.

After a run-in with a corrupt cop and an attack from the gang, three patched members invite Fritz to a BBQ to ‘break bread’. The family BBQ becomes dangerous when Fritz faces gang leader Tahu, who has the belt draped over his shoulder. Tahu won’t see reason, and beats Fritz up instead.

While healing, Fritz realises that he must continue his father’s legacy, proclaiming that he wants a “shot at the title”.  After training, Fritz combines his mental skills with his father’s wrestling techniques to smash through the gang and flush out Tahu. An epic ‘no holds barred’ title fight ensues but does Fritz truly understand what it takes to become the champion?