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She Played With Fire (Aka Fortune Is A Woman, 1957, U.K./U.S.A.)

Studio: Sony/ Columbia/ TriStar


Running time: 95 minutes

Available Format: 16mm, DVD

British writer/director Sidney Gilliat (The Lady Vanishes) created some superb moments of cinematic suspense.

This lesser-known crime drama is based on the book “Fortune is a Woman”.  The beautiful Arlene Dahl stars as a married woman.  She runs into a former boyfriend, Oliver Branwell (Jack Hawkins).  He’s an insurance investigator. Then after her husband dies in a fire, the two re-kindle their relationship.  However Branwell soon finds himself involved in possible murder, arson and blackmail.  As a result, he starts to suspect his partner of deception and foul play.

The supporting cast includes Dennis Price and Christopher Lee.